A poem: Confessions of A Christian

It seems like all the bad ones get the good in life.

Jesus said theirs is now; yours is in heaven.

I struggle to breathe, to keep fighting the fight.

Not tapping into the most vital source, I know that's right.

So many tears I've cried day and night. What is wrong with me? Why don't I cling to God successfully?

Tired of all the worldly choices and the chatter.

Too scared to take a stand for who really matters.

Claiming woke but really are sleeping giants.

I guess it's hard to accept the suffering. Knowing that for Jesus, it was everything.

Wanting to build the kingdom while the world is tearing it down.

I am living this life just to get my crown. Why are all of my choices the wrong ones?

Fumbling in the darkness, waiting on the sun.

I know I have to follow God's plan, but I must confess in years past, I wasn't a fan.

Oh God, save me from myself, heal me through and through.

No gifts given in vain or dying a fool. Make me over changing me so that I listen.

You've never changed, forever extending forgiveness.

To tighten my relationship with God is my mission.

He knows my heart and hears the Confessions of a Christian.

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