A poem: Sure

I wanna be sure. Sure of u sure of me sure of us sure of we. I wanna be sure its love not just lust.. I wanna be sure you are what i need and what i want. Not just a fling...a thing that can be used. I wanna be sure i can't live without you and you without me. I wanna be sure that when we touch a magnetic power pulls us into each other. That we go so high not even the moon and the stars touch us. See i believe there is a love out there like that just for me. That's y i wanna be sure. Sure of you sure of me sure of us sure of we. I want my story to begin with I and end with you and somewhere in between we find out what love truly means. I wanna be sure that what we create is so beautiful that only God can create something better because he created you for me and me for you. So touch me with your soul and play for me the song of your heart and let us both be sure. Sure of u sure of me sure of us and sure of we.

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