A Poem:The Mask

For so long I have hidden myself

Behind the pain so many have casually left

I'd strike like a snake getting you before you could get me

Spewing venom from my lips, so violent and so angry

When that is truly not who I am inside

My vulnerability from strangers I'd hide

Sensitive like a baby fresh from the womb

The depression over my head, it constantly looms

A clean heart is what I desire to be created in me

My sins confined to the forgetfulness of the sea

Transparent is what I need to be

So that others can see the Christ in me

Condemnation of God's own is not my goal

But extending the same grace to them that He has extended for my soul

Peel back the layers

Peel back the mask

Give up the pride

Such a daunting task

Forgive the wrong from others past

For only what I do for Christ shall last

That anger doesn't matter anymore

Am I worth it God asks?

You'd go the extra mile for Thelma

Would you do it for Me?

Remove the mask My child

Don't hide from My glory

I have much use for you

Through telling your story

For if I be lifted up I'll draw all to Me

A trail of masks left behind and a remnant of souls walking free.


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