A Poem: Because He Is

I am only because He is

He saved me from a life of sin

Quieted those voices that destroyed from within

Made enemies my footstool that didn't want to see me win

I am only because He died

If you don't believe it, satan has deceived you; he lied

What is so wrong with believing in the Son sent by the One who loved you enough to send His Son?

I am only because He gave

Gave life to my dreams and even called Lazarus out of the grave

Gave me chance after chance when I would misbehave

I am only because He fought

Fought for my soul so I wouldn't be lost

Gave me keys to His Kingdom instead of pinning me to the cross

I am only because He loved

Loved me enough to give me that unconditional love, that agape love

I am only because He is me

Made in His image crafted so wonderfully

And still different from the next walking on the street

I am only because He could see

Who I was and still He chose me

No greater love the world has ever seen

And yet still rejected like He hasn't done anything

I am only because He had mercy

Didn't let me die when I was the worst me

Gave me living water when I was acting thirsty

I am only because You are so worthy

Life would have no meaning without You creating one

Forever I am grateful for You sending Your only Son

And creating a space for me, even though I don't deserve one

I am only because He is

And He is I AM

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