A Poem: Because He Is

Updated: Jan 8

I am only because He is

He saved me from a life of sin

Quieted those voices that destroyed from within

Made enemies my footstool that didn't want to see me win

I am only because He died

If you don't believe it satan has deceived you, he lied

What is so wrong with believing in the Son sent by the One who loved you enough to send His Son?

I am only because He gave

Gave life to my dreams and even called Lazarus out of the grave

Gave me chance after chance when I would misbehave

I am only because He fought

Fought for my soul so I wouldn't be lost

Gave me keys to His Kingdom instead of pinning me to the cross

I am only because He loved

Loved me enough to give me that unconditional love, that agape love

I am only because He is me

Made in His image crafted so wonderfully

And still different from the next walking on the street

I am only because He could see

Who I was and still He chose me

No greater love the world has ever seen

And yet still rejected like He hasn't done anything

I am only because He had mercy

Didn't let me die when I was the worst me

Gave me living water when I was acting thirsty

I am only because You are so worthy

Life would have no meaning without You creating one

Forever I am grateful for You sending Your only Son

And creating a space for me, even though I don't deserve one

I am only because He is

And He is I AM


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