Choosing a Church Home

When it comes to choosing a church, for goodness sake, BE CAREFUL!!! Recently, I joined a church where I thought the Pastor was the real deal. Maybe he is, but my experience with him wasn't as pleasant as it should've been. I have been in the church since I was a baby. I received Christ at 12; however, I've never been baptized. In 2018, I decided to get baptized, and I asked the Pastor of the church I had just joined, and he was willing to baptize me. When the time came for the baptism, I shared with him some concerns I was having. He brushed it off and told me it was my ego. MY EGO???? No, it was fear. I was afraid of giving up control even just that split second for him to dip me in the water. All of that time, I never realized that I had those issues. His response didn't make it better either. It made me feel like he was counting my tithes and my butt in the seat but not really concerned about my soul. That made me stop going to the church, period. For me, my relationship with my Pastor is essential and after his display of nonchalance, I was done. I said all of that to say this: be careful choosing a church. Use the spirit of discernment that has been given to you by God. He will never steer you wrong when choosing a church home.

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