Choosing a Church Home Part 2

Several years ago I wrote a piece on choosing a church home. From the tone of my writing maybe you could tell I was angry. Oh, but what a mighty God I serve. Over a year ago I joined a church that changed my life. I didn't realize how dry my life was. I was desperate for a change because my life was absolutely out of control. I felt lost, angry, anxious and depressed ALL the time.

Around the time my grandmother died, I started listening to a gospel artist by the name of Travis Greene. I didn't know much about him, I just knew his music spoke to me in ways that helped pull me out of the darkness I was in. My mother prayed that I would find a ministry that would feed me spiritually and I listened to a sermon by Pastor Travis. I was touched so deeply that I began crying.

The crazy part is there were many times his sermons showed up in my recommended videos on YouTube and I never stopped to listen...until my mother prayed.

There is something about prayer that opens the heavens. God is really listening when we take the time to open our mouths and genuinely come to Him with our hearts. I listened to sermon after sermon and I felt called to Forward City Church.  I ended up joining a church that is two and a half hours away from where I live.

I can say for sure that transformation is taking place in my life. I have found community and a new source of support. I encourage anyone reading this to check out Forward City Church. It is a life changing ministry and even if that church isn't for you, my prayer is that God leads you to a Bible led ministry that will draw you closer to Him.

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