Disappointment and Reaction

Today, after experiencing such a great morning; I received some news that was very disappointing. My first reaction was to be encouraging to the other person; however when the conversation was over I felt overcome with sadness and disappointment. My inner being felt a confliction of emotions and my mind went to my normal actions to escape the pain I was feeling. With that being said, I want to stop and make this factual claim. No matter where you are in your life whether that be spiritually, mentally or physically God will meet you right there. In my current state, the disappointment influenced my decision to revert back to past actions that I am supposed to be delivered from. Even in my indiscretions, God is STILL calling my name. Imagine a person being there for you no matter what you do. I decided to pray and have an honest moment with the Lord and this is what He has given me to say on this day. Even if you sin a thousand times always turn back to God in sincerity and repentance. Often times our emotions can lead us astray in our thinking and ability to make sound decisions. The lesson that I have learned today is that my first thought and action should be prayer and turning my disappointment over into the hands of Jesus. He can literally fix anything and furthermore that keeps me out of trouble with God having to repent for the next thing that I have done wrong. I have decided to continue to make today a good day! For this is the day that the Lord has made and I shall REJOICE and be glad in it! I hope that those of you who are reading this right now will do the same.


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