Family or nah?

I grew up in what I believe to be a Christian family. My family has multiple churches that have been founded, countless members that God has called, and so many talented people. I grew up in a family where even the extended family was extremely close. Key word: WAS. When pivotal people started dying in our family, we started falling apart. We still have family functions, but things aren't the same. Honestly, people are being fake. All kinds of talking about each other but not addressing the issues. And when we see each other, it's hey, how you doing??!!!!! Knowing just three months ago you were talking about such and such and their addiction problems. Is this really what God wants for us? I don't think so. I also don't believe that He is okay with trying to explain away why you aren't supporting your family. The body of Christ is supposed to be a family working together and supporting each other for one purpose: to build the kingdom and bring glory to God. If you can't even support your earthly family members, how will you support your family in the Spirit? Now don't get me wrong, my family loves one another. We all do, but living in denial is so bad that it is to the point that I don't even want to deal with it at all. It isn't conducive to my growth as a Jesus follower. There is so much pain and anger in families because they refuse to open up and let the healing truly begin. No one should be attacked for allowing their emotions to be seen. That's just being real. Real family will always be supportive no matter what is going on, even if it is just the words thinking of you.

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