Follow the Leader

There has been an abundance of times that I have blatantly ignored the voice of the Lord. Once again, I would allow my emotions to lead me down a dead-end path where I had no choice but to turn back to the Lord in desperation. I've found myself in jail, homeless, and fired from jobs. It seems the list of the consequences of my poor choices goes on and on. Even in those situations, the Lord was there with me. Sometimes I listened and felt His presence, and other times I did not. I thank God for the grace and mercy that He has bestowed upon me. I literally shouldn't be here. I am now at a place in my journey where following the leading of the Spirit is imperative to my survival. Do I still take wrong turns? Yes, I do. However, I am quick to notice my error. Hearing the voice of the Lord can be hard whenever you have a lot of chaos going on in your life. Take a moment of silence to yourself and breathe. Pray earnestly to the Lord, asking to hear His voice, and then open up your Bible. The Spirit of the Lord will lead you to what He has for you to learn at that moment. Remember, He is a still, small voice. Reader, take a stand today and choose to follow the leading of the Spirit. In choosing God, you will never go wrong. I promise!

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