God I Love You Because...Part 1

You loved me first

You sent Your Son to die for me

You saved my life in more than one way

You gave me multiple gifts

You are transforming me

You are holding me together

You are leading me in a life of purity

You are perfecting me

You are pruning me

You chastise me

You are my friend

You are my Father

You make me laugh

You dry my tears

You sent your Holy Spirit to comfort me

You turn everything around for my good

You are a way maker

You are a promise keeper

You keep calling my name even when I mess up

You forgive me

You encourage me

You strengthen me

You are always speaking

You are dependable

You are intentional

You are the lifter of my head

You are purging me of things that aren't like You

You have plans for me

You made me unique

You set me apart

You gave me wisdom when I asked for it

You answer my prayers

You are the Author and Finisher of my faith

You give me brand new grace and mercy daily

You gave me family

You gave me community

You don't forget me

You lead and guide me

You are the Creator

You speak through me

You are my foundation

You are Holy Only

You can do the impossible

You give me clarity

To be continued...

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