Is God Lonely?

Jesus is God.

Jesus is a role that God had to play in order to save us from sin.

Think of God as the creator. He created a game for Himself to play like a kid who doesn't have anyone to play with.

Except life isn't a game.

There are certain laws of nature that I believe God follows Himself, because He created them and He also wanted to be an example to us in another way.

A human being had to die in order to save another human being, that is why Jesus came.

The human body was instrumental in saving us.

It was used as a vessel to carry God's Spirit among us in a way never experienced before.

Jesus is important ONLY because God gives Him significance.

He was given God's Power and promoted by God Himself.

Jesus behaved in a way that always brought reverence to the main entity of God, however at the same time He had a lot of power Himself. This is because He actually was God coming to save His most valuable creation from being forever lost.

God and Jesus are one in the same separated by a name and a role that God had to play.

God's plan is so intricate that a mere human being will not understand unless He reveals details to us spiritually.

Our arrogance is the dirty version of God's confidence, because we are tainted by sin.

We are made in His image and given the same power on a muted level.

In all of history there is only one human being that walked in perfection, and that is because Jesus was God walking among us.

He walked among His creation to experience them in a way like never before.

Briefly look at God from this perspective. A lonely child that wants friends so bad that he creates us, makes Himself a hero so intricate to save us, but also He wanted to feel wanted by us. We are only invited to the party if we really are for Him. And because Jesus is God Himself God wouldn't leave Him out of the equation.

That is why Jesus is the only way. He said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." (John 14:6) He would never leave a piece dangling in his game that he didn't intend to save like a child packing up all the pieces of His board game to play another day.

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