Surrender: Two Heads on the Same Coin Part 2

I can see a vision of a playground. On one side, I see the spiritual Tabria and the Holy Spirit just chilling and having a good time. On the other side is the fleshly Tabria, sulking because she doesn't have any friends. She approaches the spiritual Tabria and the Holy Spirit, and she says can I hang with y'all? The Holy Spirit speaks and says only if you come under My subjection. The other part of you has already accepted Me, and she has received all of the promises that have been made by the One who sent Me. The fleshly Tabria then hangs her head low and walks away feeling defeated.

Now why is that? Simply because she struggles with the concept of total surrender. Yes, I am speaking about myself in third person yet again! I have detailed this illustration simply to share the current state of my struggles. It literally feels like a fight within myself, against myself. Understand this Reader, there can't be two heads on the same coin. Somebody has to follow and I would rather the fullness of who I am come under God's subjection, than follow my flesh that will lead me straight to hell. I want there to be unity between the two Tabrias. Unity to follow God and to accept my identity in Him. Unity in believing what He says about me. With total surrender I would have access to a plethora of gifts from the Lord. A well that will never run out. To be continued...

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