A Poem: The Plight of the Angry Black Woman

The plight of an angry black woman; shut up and listen Why is she in the kitchen with the kids and you missing? Trying to care for the children you so carelessly blessed her with While you on the corner smoking blunts and drinking a fifth. Wonder why she so mad and so angry? Ask yourself this question have you paid your child support lately? Oh, and Mr. Businessman, I have words for you too. You are throwing cash at the problem, but the kids saying Daddy, who? Rarely treated like the Queen, she is by her own. Steady being torn down as the day is long. Working to cover everything on her back with ease. While this sorry man steady begging her please, baby, please. Don't question her bitterness, she has every right to be. Unless you plan on being that man to aid in setting her free.

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