The Ripping of Souls Part 1

Sometimes we make choices that we feel are right for the moment or they satisfy a desire that is temporary. I have done that over and over again. Before I got married, while I was married and even while going through a separation that is leading to a divorce.

Pastor Michael Todd who is the lead pastor of Transformation Church said something in his sermon series called Relationship Goals. Divorce is so painful because it is the ripping apart of souls. That is a factual statement that is not only biblically supported, but supported by my personal experiences. Genesis 2:24 says that is why a man leaves his father and mother and unites with his wife and they become a new family (NET). The King James version says they become one flesh.

When divorce happens the one now has to become two again. For that to happen the soul now has to be cut, ripped, broken or any other synonymous word you can think of. It is a process that can leave you bitter, angry, resentful and in a whole lot of pain...if you decide to stay there.

For a person like me that is very open about who they are, you can find yourself pouring out your pain to whoever will listen. That isn't good for a number of reasons. I am saying this to myself as I am saying this to any person that is reading this. Take it to the Lord in prayer. It isn't profitable for everyone to know what you are going through if they aren't praying for you. I am sharing my life on this platform because I understand that others may be going through the same thing and they need to know that they aren't alone.

While divorce is the death of a relationship, there is still life after divorce. We are still breathing which means God still has a plan. God is still working and performing miracles. Divorce may have caught you by surprise, but God already knew it was coming. God may allow the restoration of your marriage or He may allow for it to come to an end. God delights in marriage actually, but sometimes we enter into these situations without asking God if that is what He desires for us in that season of our lives. However, that is a topic for another day. To be continued...

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