The Spiritual Matrix Part 1 by Minister Christie Carraway

I have my cold mountain (film) without the snow. I am living in a rural town surrounded by acres of land. This is what I have needed ever since the day I watched the movie Cold Mountain. I am surrounded with peace inside and out, I move in silence and it is good. There is no stress of the hustle and bustle; no one to explain why I live this way; no concerns if I am understood, just being my authentic self. I am understanding the girl of country living, for this is who I have always been. I fought hard not to be me for so long; the fortresses I created became my everyday reality. They were built so no one could see the secrets of pain and shame. The hierarchy of the mind are the fortresses that are built to shield us from trauma, shame, and pain. There's no revelation outside the Word of God. When He reveals Himself, it all comes from His Word. He gives us faith to believe what we do not see. Listening and surrendering to the Holy Spirit's leading when we don't understand the will of God. His will is revealed as our faith is increased.

The propaganda of society infiltrates the psyche and therefore produces a belief system that is false and dangerous. If society can get you to stay in a faulty belief system, then it can continue to perpetuate the system to guide your life. The government is instrumental in feeding you lies and deception; as long we continue to focus on division of skin color(race), we won't see how much control the enemy(Satan) has established himself and his demonic influence in our lives. The eyes see the images fed through social media; political mind control as instruction is heard and carried out to do the bidding for the god of this world. The mouth is the unruly instrument that tears down the esteem of one another; the hands shed innocent blood, and the feet quickly run to witness the ending of life. Not only do we feed into the lies and falsehoods, but we also build upon the hierarchy of the spiritual matrix.

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