The Spiritual Source

Updated: Jan 8

God is a spiritual being who protects us in both the physical and spiritual. He sent His son to die for us in the physical so that we can be connected in both ways which is why we have to partake in Christ's suffering in the physical as well. When we tap into God spiritually and hide under His shadow He protects us in that realm and in that way. What God is ultimately trying to protect and lead to Him is our spiritual being because that is what lives on forever. Our physical is only for a short time like satan's reign. We need to look beyond our present circumstances to truly see what God is trying to lead us to. Just like the trials in our life are for a short while, the process to holiness is a short one as well because it is only the span of our lifetimes. Only WE determine if we are going to tap into that spiritual source. If we are going to stay connected to the vine. No matter how long your time is. Because we don't know our end, it is like playing Russian roulette with our lives. Remember this though, He thinks thoughts towards us that we have an expected end. Jer 29:11.


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