To Forgive or Not To Forgive?

At my church, I attend a 6 am prayer call almost every morning. One of my pastors said something very dynamic. It was dynamic for multiple reasons. It wasn't just what he said, but it had been told to me before by my primary care doctor and my mother. Today on May 5, 2022, the word was forgive. We (yes, I mean we because I struggle too) have to remember that forgiving someone for the hurt they have caused you isn't for them. Forgiveness doesn't mean what they did is okay. Forgiveness allows you to be free from that hurt and pain. Often, we feel as though holding unforgiveness in our hearts is hurting the other person. In actuality, we are not only hurting ourselves, but we are holding hostage a gift that Jesus so graciously gave us when He forgave us and died for our sins. Who are we that we should hold back gifts that we weren't charged for? So today, I not only challenge you, reader, but I challenge myself to forgive whoever hurt you. Lay all of the pain at the feet of Jesus. There will be times when the pain seems to arise again. In that case, I encourage you to lay it down again and forgive again. Forgiveness is not a one-and-done. We have to make up our minds that we have forgiven that person and then allow God to do the changing.

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