True Repentance

Darkness around me

Sin surrounds me

Pushing God away trying to hide like He can't see

Guilt has gripped me

Blinded by shame

Deaf to the Spirit as He calls out my name

Choices made without His guidance

True repentance, don't know why I fight it

Habitual sin, I feel its embrace

Only way of escape is if I fall on my face

In Your Word You said that if I change my mind

My sin You will separate, no longer You can find

But Lord what if it comes back again, tempting me and I fail like before?

He says repent again for My forgiveness is forevermore

Like the grace and mercy I extend to you,

It doesn't stop, it never runs dry.

Child just accept my love and stop asking me why?

Didn't I tell you My grace is sufficient?

Your sin obsolete because I am omnipotent

Just turn from the wickedness and I'll handle the rest.

Pick up the sword, it will help you pass the test.

For I have empowered you giving you diligence and zeal.

Your foundation in me is not based on how you feel.

A fresh anointing I extend as you seek My face

My Presence is with you as you run this race.

Perfection defined by the world isn't what I seek.

Instead finding strength in Me when you are weak.

Seems like I do what I hate even though I have been given the tools.

Returning to the sin I've been delivered from being a fool.

But I confess this time is going to be different

Transformation of the mind, a hearkened ear to listen

True repentance is the only way to be close to You

So convict me God, draw me nearer blessed Lord

For the loss of my soul is something I can't afford

Without You my works are dead, without You I am lost

But You loved me enough to send Yourself to die on the cross.

So I thank you for the pure heart You are creating in me

Sincere repentance is the doorway to truly being free.

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