Unblockable Flow

It feels like the walls are closing in

On all four sides, I only see my sin

Pulled in multiple directions from within

Tested in every area

I asked for this, and again like before, I backslide

No grip; I only slip as I take the plunge

Why does God seem so close yet so far

I can't even see due to the clay that is mire

Is my heart blocked perpetually?

Back and forth from flesh to stone

Habitually I keep choosing to walk in the door that is wrong.

Emotions swirl, enveloping me in darkness

Mouth closed, no praise escapes my lips

Prayer ceased, the stock of my faith took a dip

The words of the Pastor impassable, for my ears, are obscured

Do I really want out? Because I try to hide from my Savior

Disgusted by my manipulation

Sin of prepense considering I'll be forgiven

But what for? I know I'm not worthy

New grace and mercy daily, when all I do is fail thee

Lord, did You waste Your time on me?

I've continually forgotten Your divine help that sits on the hills.

Down in the valley low, my own fortresses seem to block Your light.

Then like the sun, Your Son rises, cascading the most beautiful glow upon me.

Reminding me that You are intentional in all that You do, wasting nothing.

You knew me before I did, Your presence surrounded me as a kid

So hard to understand your thoughts toward me

Numerous, outnumbering even the grains of sand

Learning who You are, Psalms 139 opened in hand

My way prepared, my past covered

You go beyond, intimacy greater than any lover

Unblock me Lord, make Your Spirit flow

As I write these words, my faith has no choice but to grow

To get past the turmoil, again make Your Spirit flow

Stir my belief, a step further than just to know

Lift my downward head, for You are the Lifter

Through Your finished work, You are Yahweh, the most magnificent Gift Giver

Unblocked and freely flowing, as Your vessel I won't stop pouring

Unblocked and freely flowing, as Your vessel I won't stop pouring

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